Acolyte Karan Kanchan Presents J Trap WAV


Acolyte Karan Kanchan Presents J Trap WAV

Karan Kanchan’s artist feature with Acolyte showcases his unique approach to bass music with Japanese stylism. He shares his powerfully unique sound design and approach to electronic bass music in this small yet action packed Anime Audio Adventure.

The team at Acolyte are dedicated to expanding the possibilities for today’s rising electronic music producers. From sample packs to VST presets, their tools redesign the way you use sound.

Pack contains:

· 5 Hi Hats
· 6 Kicks
· 4 Percs
· 5 Snares
· 5 Taiko Loops
· 5 Fills
· 6 Impact & Risers
· 4 Special FX
· 10 One Shots

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