Aubit Gray Vol 1

Aubit Gray Vol 1Aubit Gray Vol 1
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Artists like Grey have taken the essence of pop music and fused it with the most cutting-edge, innovative sound design from the EDM world. Our vision for ‘Grey Vol. 1’ is to offer you access to every single element of sound-design necessary to break into this new hybrid genre, and start creating some chart-topping sure-fire hits. We studied their most popular releases and uncovered some of their next-level production techniques, so that we could recreate their cleverly crafted synth sounds for everyone to have.

As well as recreating some of the classic Grey sounds, we set out to craft some of our own sounds that we feel break into new sound-design territory. The 50 Serum presets are made up of: 16 synth sounds, 7 basses, 4 FX patches, 6 leads, 11 plucks, 2 guitars, 2 arps, 1 perc and 1 sequencer. Every one of these presets has all 4 macros assigned to the key aspects of the sound, so you as the producer have ultimate control over how you want it to be.

Secondly we created 35 presets for Massive: 8 basses, 8 synth sounds, 6 leads, 5 keys, 3 plucks 2 chord sounds, 2 FX patches and 1 pad. The Massive bass patches included in this pack provide the perfect balance of beef and warmth under your track – our favourite is ‘JaccBass’. We also made sure to assign macros within the Massive presets.

Using the 85 Serum & Massive presets, we compiled 25 synth loops that are instantly usable. These are perfect if your ideas have run dry and you need a fresh kick of inspiration.

Next up we made 25 Vocal Chop Loops. These sounds are absolutely essential to providing the hook and adding a further layer of innovation to any production. We included all 25 loops in wet and dry form – so you can choose to use our release-quality processing, or start from scratch and make them exactly how you like.

The importance of good-quality and genre-specific drum sounds is often overlooked by producers. So we’re also including 75 Drum Samples, and 25 Drum Loops. We custom-made: 20 kicks, 20 snares, 20 percs and 15 hi-hats. These drums are a must-have. With the one shot samples we made 25 processed drum loops. When the creative sparks fly you want to get straight to the idea, and these loops are perfect for that.

Finally we wrote 25 MIDI loops. Music theory is something that most producers struggle with; so we put together 25 catchy and emotive chord progressions, melodies and bass-lines. All MIDI files are key and BPM labelled to maximise your workflow’s efficiency.

‘Gray Vol. 1’ really is everything you need to create a hit. Grab your copy today and jump straight into your DAW to unlock a whole new world of creativity and inspiration in your music production!

Here’s what you get:

50 Serum presets
35 Massive presets
75 Drum one shots (WAVs)
25 Drum loops (WAVs)
25 Dry Vocal loops (WAVs)
25 Wet Vocal loops (WAVs)
25 Synth loops (WAVs)
25 Midi loops (MIDI Files)
285 Files


Demo Preview:[adinserter block=”1″]

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