Capsun ProAudio Purple Lights The Faded Trap Kit WAV

Capsun ProAudio Purple Lights The Faded Trap Kit WAV

Purple Lights: The Faded Trap Kit welcomes you to the smokey ambience of zoned out trap soul, blending hazy atmospheric vocals and deep melodic vibes. Julez Jadon & SVRN once again team with Capsun ProAudio, delivering their special strain of high grade drum design, intense 808s and other-worldly textures.

The pack comes filled with bags of character. Vintage style melodic stacks, reversed pianos and lofi chopped guitars fade into vocal chops, hard 808 hits and dark themes. All new drum one shots and programmed loops have been custom designed and recorded. Blending live drum hits, found sound and meticulously designed synthesised layers. Explore thick kicks, tight rims and metallic hi-hat layers mixed with distinctive percussion and fx. Maximum versatility is the key so there are variations of most loops – without kicks, filtered, wet and dry and more.

Pack includes:

· 27 Drum Loops
· 17 Hi Hat Loops
· 7 No Kick Loops
· 24 Percussion Loops
· 81 Drum & Perc One Shots (20 Claps & Snares, 23 Hi Hats & Cymbals, 7 Kicks, 24 Percussion, 7 Rims)
· 5 FX
· 6 808 & Bass Loops
· 8 Guitar Loops
· 5 Piano Loops
· 24 Songstarters & Melody Loops
· 8 808 One Shots
· 5 Vocal One Shots

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