Cj Rhen Lust Sax WAV

Cj Rhen Lust Sax WAV

Cj Rhen Lust Sax WAV

This release features low, warm, and sensual tenor sax licks at 100PBM. All licks fit over the chord progression Cm, Gm, Bb, and F. This chord progression is based on Harry Stlyes’ “Watermelon Sugar” Check out my Instagram @cjrhenmusic and my website cjrhenmusic.com for collabs.

Cj Rhen is a trumpet, sax, synth, and piano player from Pittsburgh. He offers coherent, unique collections of loops and sounds for varying genres and instruments. Cj’s content is not be machined, programmed, or generic; rather it is written and performed live. Feel free to email him at [email protected] to suggest new styles, keys, and tempos for new collections.


Demo Preview:

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