Cj Rhen Mellow Piano WAV

Cj Rhen Mellow Piano WAV

Cj Rhen Mellow Piano WAV

This release features piano in the key of A minor. It includes loops based on the chords Am G F Dm C and E7 at 100BPM. This pack is meant to be building blocks for your next great song. Drag and drop piano and create your own chord progression and start writing! The samples include melodic figures and complex harmonies to add depth and texture to your sound. Email me at [email protected] for collabs and check out my website, cjrhenmusic.com Thank You!

Cj Rhen is a trumpet, sax, synth, and piano player from Pittsburgh. He offers coherent, unique collections of loops and sounds for varying genres and instruments. Cj’s content is not be machined, programmed, or generic; rather it is written and performed live. Feel free to email him at [email protected] to suggest new styles, keys, and tempos for new collections.


Demo Preview:

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