Cymatics Future Bass Drum Frameworks Vol.1 ALS

Cymatics Future Bass Drum Frameworks Vol.1 ALS

Cymatics Future Bass Drum Frameworks Vol.1 ALS
Size 15 Mb

The magic of Future Bass happens when great melodies meet great drums.

We all know what it’s like to spend hours in the studio programming drums, and by the time we even get to our melodies, our surge of creativity is gone.

This is why we decided to release Future Bass Drum Frameworks; one of the biggest time saving and learning resources for Future Bass.

Our team of producers spent hours in the studio making Future Bass Drum Frameworks that were inspired by the drums in tracks by Louis the Child, Marshmello, and Flume.

As soon as you open up the pack, you’ll be able to immediately sit down and apply the drums to your melodies.

Once you get the gist of the track of done, you can go back and start redesigning the drums to your own personal taste.

Not to mention, you’ll also learn how to process and mix your drums by studying each template.

And the best part is that all the elements of these Drums were programmed in MIDI, which means you can swap out different samples to experiment at a crazy fast pace.

If you’re ready to take your Future Bass drums to a whole new level, download the Future Bass Drum Frameworks and get started today!

Included in this pack:

5 Future Bass Drum Frameworks (Ableton)


Format: .ALS
File Size (Zipped): 16.6 MB
File Count: 5 Templates


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