Cymatics Titan Samplepack MULTIFORMAT

Cymatics Titan Samplepack MULTIFORMAT

Cymatics Titan Samplepack MULTIFORMAT
Size 3.5 Gb

Titan Samplepack

With Titan, we were inspired to push our limits, and deliver a pack in which EVERY SINGLE sample and loop is breathtaking, professional, and gives you ultimate creative freedom in the studio.

Our packs have always been recognized for their excellent quality and the meticulous attention to detail.

To truly take Titan to the next level, we spent over $72,500 to make sure the content was absolutely perfect.

The investment was beyond worth it, because it allowed us to:

Book More Than a Dozen Studio Sessions
Hire Professional Mixing Engineers
Hire Professional Pianists
Get Professional Foley Recording Sessions
Work with World Class Sound Designers
Buy High Quality Percussion Instruments
Hire Experienced Drums Designers
+ A Lot More!

On top of that, we added a team of the best EDM producers in the scene which sent our budget through the roof!

These guys play shows for thousands of dollars, so you can only imagine how much it cost to get them involved in something like this.

But this was CRUCIAL to us, because we put quality over EVERYTHING.

And as a result Titan ended up being a collection of over 2,000 of our absolute best samples & loops created to do one thing:


So if you’re truly a passionate producer who has been waiting for the next BIG innovation in music production, the wait is over.

Get Titan Now!


Format: .WAV
File Size (Zipped): 3.37 GB
File Count: 2116 Samples


Demo Preview:

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