Diamaudix Audio Pure Analog Sweeps I WAV

Diamaudix Audio Pure Analog Sweeps I WAV

Pure Analog Sweeps is a vast library of unique, analog audio sweep-effects for artistic use in music, film, and games. They can be applied to any form of creative audio production, and are perfect for song transitions, impacts and drops.

Film Scores in need of mood definition; video games in need of portal sounds, promotional videos in need of ear candy, and many yet undiscovered uses await.

Files are conveniently organized by key, so easily locate perfectly tuned effects for your next production, or appraise candidate sounds for constructing a cosmic minor 7th chord.

Each sound is individually mastered, tuned and equalized in consideration to sensitivities in the human ear, so easily combine sounds, in unison or harmony, and enjoy them louder, safer.

Sweeps have always been part of the skeletal system of electronic disciplines (Synthwave, Retrowave, Synthpop etc.) but apply these sonic textures to nearly any musical genre, (from Dubstep to Symphony Orchestra) with ease.

Audio-artists seeking a paint set; Sound-Warriors out of ammo; Audiophile gourmets in search of the next delicacy; and anyone who can tolerate these metaphors, look no further than Pure Audio Sweeps, by Diamaudix Audio.

BONUS: Warm atmospheres, drum one-shots, and bonus loops – included alongside this collection. This is volume I (of IV).

Whats Inside:

212 Analog Sweeps
25 Atmospheres
28 Drum Loops
10 Top Loops

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