Dropgun Samples Futuristic Chill Beats Sample Pack

Dropgun Samples Futuristic Chill Beats MULTIFORMAT

Dropgun Samples Futuristic Chill Beats MULTIFORMAT

Dropgun Samples is proud to present a sample pack designed to give your bits a unique flavor and to immerse you in an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury sound. This multifaceted sample pack harmoniously blends the relaxing chill-hop vibe and futuristic jazz brilliance. This sample pack will be useful to any beatmaker who strives for maximum quality and uniqueness of his bits. Each kit is a separate story, filled with a bunch of unique sounds, chord progressions, and original timbres. In this sample pack you will find everything you need, parts that will allow you to make your own special progression on their basis, as well as awesome drum one-shots and loops, which is quite important in hip-hop world. No need more words, just have a listen and use it. By BassRox.

Content of the pack:

· 59 FX
· 15 Kit Demos
· 13 Fill Drum Loops
· 28 Full Drum Loops
· 15 HiHat Loops
· 21 Percussion Loops
· 5 Snare Loops
· 39 Bass Loops
· 91 Chord Loops
· 71 Melodic Loops
· 66 Songstarter Loops
· 50 Vocal Chop Loops
· 5 808s
· 13 Bass One Shots
· 20 Cymbals
· 30 Closed HiHats
· 15 Kicks
· 20 Percussion
· 25 Snares
· 21 Melodic One Shots
· 33 Serum Presets


Demo Preview:

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