Feed Your Soul Music Koto WAV

Feed Your Soul Music Koto WAV

Feed Your Soul Music Koto WAV

The Koto is a traditional Japanese Instrument. It has 13 strings with movable bridges, Its body is made of paulownia, and the bridges are made of ivory. Strings were originally made of silk but now it is more common to use polyester. Originally derived from the Chinese Zheng, the Japanese Koto appears around 300 B.C and is the national instrument of Japan. This Pack features the beautiful playing of Kozue Matsumoto, a native of Japan, now based in LA. For more info go to KotoSounds.com

Feed Your Soul Music is a collective of Music Makers based in Los Angeles who have been creating Music for TV, Ads & Film for almost 20 years with over 3,000 placements and counting. We are excited to partner with Sounds.com to bring you unique samples for your productions. For More Info Check Out FeedYourSoulMusic.com


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