Low-Key Hip-Hop Sample Pack WAV

Low-Key Hip-Hop Sample Pack WAV

Low-Key Hip-Hop Sample Pack WAV

Raw beats, gritty melodics and reworked organic instrumentals – Low-Key Hip-Hop offers hundreds of tastefully recorded and processed samples processed through tape and reworked through samplers. Featuring a slew of MPC beats, dusty breaks, gritty guitars, chilled out keys, meticulously crafted music kits, drum hits and one-shots inspired by all things hip-hop and chillout. Low-Key Hip-hop offers an assortment of loops, drum hits and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration.

Expertly constructed and designed – Low-Key Hip-Hop was a culmination of various recording sessions reworking,chopping original source material, crafting drum hits, programming beats and processing sounds for dust and dirt all in the name of creating an exhilarating and inspiring selection of sounds inspired by the early waves of hip-hop and boom bap.

Pack contains:

· 20 Bass Loops
· 98 Drum Loops
· 15 FX & Texture Loops
· 35 Melodic Loops
· 15 Music Kits & Stems
· 16 Percussion Loops
· 15 Reworked Loops
· 10 Bass One Shots
· 89 Drum Hits (15 Claps, 10 Cymbals, 15 Hats, 20 Kicks, 15 Percussion, 14 Snares)
· 5 FX One Shots
· 20 Melodic One Shots


Demo Preview:

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