Patchbanks Throwback Breaks AIFF

Patchbanks Throwback Breaks AiFF

Throwback Breaks is an original collection featuring 50 live drum compositions for old school hip-hop fans in search of the latest organic drum breaks on the scene.

This playlist features a series of swingin’ interlude grooves that were recorded by professional drummers at various studios equipped with class-A vintage gear. The mixes were brutally crafted with old school engineering techniques using heavy tube compression, tape saturation and roomy spring reverbs for that big crunchy sound found on vintage soul and funk records.

•Rating: Standard
•Label: Patchbanks
•Release Version: Original
•Genre: Hip Hop • Throwback
•Related Genres: Funk, Soul, Old School
•Audio Format: Loop
•File Format: 24bit Aiff
•File Size (unzipped): 132.6MB
•Recording Sources: Acoustic
•Audio Channels: Stereo
•BPM Range: 68-120bpm
•Performance Style: Drumming, Swing, Shuffle
•Instrument List: Acoustic Drums
•Content List: 50 audio files (stereo mixed)


Demo Preview:

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