Raw Techno Production Techniques Course

Raw Techno Production Techniques Course

Raw Techno Production Techniques Course

Techno legend Paul Maddox, one half of Spektre and resident course creator, returns to deliver a new set of tutorials on producing raw Techno in Ableton Live. With a wealth of production and teaching experience combined with an extensive knowledge of the software, these tutorials are a must-have for anyone wanting to learn the essentials for making heavy Techno tracks of their own.

On the course, Paul shows the fundamentals for building up a techno track, through 2 separate groove examples, with increasing intensity. The first groove has a deeper and dubbier vibe, with a hypnotic, tribal bass and filtered piano stab, whilst the second is an even more full-on, super high energy track with a wonky synth lead line driving the groove.

All the parts are made using factory samples from Live’s library, mostly 707s, with an additional foley recording from Paul’s collection, whilst melodic parts are designed from the ground up using Sampler and Wavetable. As well as learning how to design and sequence parts, you’ll acquire a wealth of mixing knowledge and some different approaches to creating an arrangement, with both manual layout and timeline recording included.

Signing up to the course gives you immediate access to over 2 hours of streamed tutorials, along with the projects made and a 100MB bonus pack of Techno samples from Loopmasters. Check out the free sample lesson before signing up, for an example of Paul’s clear teaching style and technique-laden video content, which will enrich your production skillset and have you making Techno bangers in no time!


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