Rubicon Artificial Soul WAV

Rubicon Artificial Soul WAV

Enigmatic producer Keyon Christ, known for his collaborations with artists such as Kanye West and Rihanna, presents Artificial Soul an exploration of synthesis and abstract sonic textures seeking to find the soul in technology.

A unique collection of samples pushing the sonic boundaries of soft synths and processing. Aggressive, tripped out beats, staggering pads, synths and bass sounds.

Eclectic rhythms and soaring soundscapes, these samples are perfect for adding something different to your production and spark new ideas.


· 20 Drum Loops
· 10 Percussion Loops
· 17 Kicks
· 9 Percs
· 12 Snares
· 10 Bass Loops
· 18 Pad Loops
· 5 Pluck Loops
· 19 Synth Loops
· 6 Vocal Loops
· 25 Melodic One Shots


Demo Preview:

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