Slate + Ash Auras v1.1.0 KONTAKT

Slate + Ash Auras v1.1.0 KONTAKT

Slate + Ash Auras v1.1.0 KONTAKT

AURAS is an exploration of the realm of musical sound that is formless or indefinable in nature. These sonic sculptures can be shaped and controlled using MIDI keyboards and controllers, including MPE (Midi Polyphonic Expression) technology such as the ROLI Seaboard or Haken Continuum, which have the ability to mould the sound per note whilst playing.

As well as exploring the curated sound world of the AURAS patches, new sonic landscapes can be created and customised using the COLOURS environment. Simple assignment of sound shaping parameters to any MIDI sliders, knobs or controllers makes designing completely unique performable textures easy and quick.


The sound world of AURAS focuses primarily on abstract and impressionistic textures and rhythms. It is influenced by the styles of composers and artists who blur the boundaries between sound design, orchestration and music. John Luther Adams, Ben Frost, Ingram Marshall, Tim Hecker, Ian William Craig, Machinedrum and William Basinski were all reference points for a library that explores the manipulation of sound as if it were an energetic field or aura of sonic texture that constantly shifts in shape and colour.

Deeply programmed MIDI control enables this concept to be played with intuitively and expressively. Unlike the way a regular sample library gives a strictly defined and static snapshot of a sound, AURAS allows the shapes and forms of each sound to be played with in a dynamic and unique way.

A wide variety of sounds were recorded as material for the sound design, with an emphasis on capturing performance and movement rather than a vast array of multi-sampled notes. Strings, synths, winds, field recordings, percussion and more were used as source material that was processed using a number of techniques and effects to create a sonic landscape that ranges from soft and fragile to complete chaos.


Each AURAS patch’s layers and effects can be easily assigned to be controlled by knobs and sliders on any MIDI CC controller. Both the AURAS and COLOURS engines have a MIDI learn function in which the user can simply twist a knob or push a slider on their MIDI controller to assign its CC number to the relevant parameter, allowing for extremely powerful and immediate expression.


AURAS is the first Kontakt library designed to work with MPE multi-touch technology such as that found on the ROLI Seaboard or Haken Continuum. Multiple dimensions of touch allow for polyphonic control of a variety of creative sound shaping parameters. AURAS patches contain layers and effects that can be individually controlled per note using multi-dimensional gestural movement on the keybed, allowing for uniquely responsive expression in sound design performance.


+ Compatible with MIDI keyboards, MIDI controllers, ROLI Seaboard, ROLI Blocks and Haken Continuum

+ Approx 9GB samples compressed

+ Runs in the free Kontakt 6.3.2 Player or full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher


Demo Preview:

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