Sonic Collective Contemporary Minimalism: Keys & Bells WAV


Sonic Collective Contemporary Minimalism: Keys & Bells WAV

Contemporary Minimalism: Keys & Bells is a concept pack from pianist and producer Todd Brozman (Proud Creature, Moon Casual). From a simple theme, this pack explores a wide array of sounds and directions. Instrumentally, “Keys & Bells” is broadly interpreted to include not only acoustic pianos and bells of different varieties, but also electric pianos, vibraphone, glockenspiel, singing bowls, and other instruments. At its core, these instruments all involve the percussive striking of tuned metallic surfaces and strings. This commonality provides a cohesive sound to an otherwise diverse collection of instruments.

Stylistically, this pack ventures into sonic realms that float between genres and easy categorization. From classical, to jazz-informed, to nostalgic, arcane, and ambient, these loops and one-shots can be used to explore new territory or be incorporated into tracks of all genres for added color. Many samples have a dry, intimate, and transparent sound; others have been warped, washed, and processed for a more expansive, abstracted quality.

Many of the pack’s loops were composed alongside each other and all samples in the pack belong to complimentary keys, allowing for seamless layering. However one goes about approaching these minimalist tones, they’re bound to achieve interesting results.

This pack includes:

· 7 Abstract Loops
· 11 Bell Loops
· 15 Glockenspiel Loops
· 19 Layered Loops
· 54 Piano Loops
· 12 Vibraphone Loops
· 6 Wind Chime Loops
· 28 Wurlitzer Loops
· 6 Bell & Chime One Shots
· 14 Found Sound One Shots
· 32 Piano One Shots
· 7 Singing Bowl One Shots
· 4 Wurlitzer One Shots

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