Sonic Collective Sounds of Sindh Pakistan WAV

Sonic Collective Sounds of Sindh Pakistan WAV

Sonic Collective Sounds of Sindh Pakistan WAV

Birthplace of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, one of the earliest known civilizations, Sindh is a region of exceptional wonders. For centuries, music has been an important part of the life and culture of the indigenous community. Spiritual, devotional and poetic, this music has been transmitted from generation to generation, keeping its authenticity and beauty intact.

Pakistani group The Sketches collaborated with Victorien (a music producer and DJ, who has traveled and performed many times in Pakistan) to record and produce this pack. The Sketches have been on the forefront of preserving Pakistani heritage through their own music but also through the annual festival “Lahooti Melo” in Jamshoro (Sindh). Thousands of people from all over the country come to hear the sounds and voices of the indigenous artists.

In collaboration with these wonderful human beings, Splice is excited to offer you a glimpse of the sounds of Sindh. We invite you to discover the piercing sounds of the murli, used to charm the snakes, the melodies of the tambori, the rhythms of the dholak, the sounds of the villages and more. Welcome to Sindh, Pakistan.


· 2 Borrendo Loops
· 2 Chaang Loops
· 44 Dholak Loops
· 2 Dotara Loops
· 5 Field Recording Loops
· 13 Khartaal Loops
· 13 Murli Loops
· 14 Naar Loops
· 7 Tambori Loops
· 6 Borrendo One Shots
· 3 Chaang One Shots
· 26 Dholak One Shots
· 41 Field Recording One Shots
· 3 Khartaal One Shots
· 14 Murli One Shots
· 26 Naar One Shots
· 17 Tambori One Shots
· 5 Baghat Vocals
· 8 Borrendo Phrases
· 12 Fakir Vocals
· 10 Murli Phrases
· 12 Naar Phrases


Demo Preview:

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