Splice Originals Bass Clarinet Explorations WAV KONTAKT

Splice Originals Bass Clarinet Explorations WAV KONTAKT

In the time of quarantine, many musicians are getting to know their instruments better. Learning their ins and outs, unexpected potential, and the limits that foster (and sometimes force) creativity. As a natural improviser, Adam Shatz (Landlady, Father Figures) approached his bass clarinet with newfound fervor.

Over the course of two months accompanied by a warm audio WA-251 condenser mic, he riffed and explored new corners of one of our favorite woodwind instruments. He processed it through a Strymon Capistan pedal for delays and distortion through an electron analog heat. Then he added some tenor saxophone, Moog Model D, and more processing to create a bass clarinet soundscape.

Also included in this pack are two deep-sampled Native Instruments Kontakt instruments—the bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, each with three articulations (legato, sustain, and staccato) and 12 samples per note for an organic natural feel. The bass clarinet may not be the obvious choice for your next production, but we bet it could be one of the most pleasant surprises.

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