Standalone-Music – Deep House GETLOW Expansion

Standalone-Music - Deep House XP Getlow (Kontakt)

Standalone-Music – Deep House GETLOW Expansion
Size 177 Mb

Deep House GETLOW expansion gives you the highest quality Kontakt presets for creating Deep House, Future House, and Tropical House music.

This Deep House presets for Kontakt come with A LOT of thick and rich bass sounds, but also old school techno and house chords, dreamy lush pads, nice and punchy plucks, acoustic instruments such guitars and pianos.

We also added deep house drum presets where you have access to both one shot and sequenced loops programmed by us and mapped on the keyboard so you can have the right vibe for your new track instantly and just with the push of one note.

The Expansion is powered by GETLOW (Required) 3 layers engine and allows you to quickly access all the parameters that you need to tweak your sounds, it comes with over 110 Deep House presets that are also NKS compatible.
And YES it will work on the free Kontakt player as far as you have GETLOW installed.

You won’t find deep house presets like these for a Kontakt library anywhere else!

The possibilities of creating professional sounding tracks are endless when you have access to the same quality of sounds as all the top deep house artists have. These presets will make your songs stick out!

Deep House Presets For Kontakt Unleash The Power Of GETLOW!

We all love Kontakt libraries, but not only are they too expensive, but they are also never really focused on electronic music specifically.
This is why we spent months crafting the perfect deep house presets for Kontakt and GETLOW, now you can finally use the power of samples for your productions without paying hundreds of dollar and without having to worry about losing any dongle.

GET-INSPIRED Focus on your ideas

All you want to do is make music, but sometimes you spend hours trying to find the right preset and fine tune it and then the inspiration is gone.
We know your struggle which is why we spent months fine-tuning these sounds for you.
We also added some drums presets that play loops just by holding the C3 key, the loop is always in sync to your song no matter the bpm this is perfect to lay down a quick beat and immediately start throwing ideas.
So when inspiration strikes, you are always ready for it.

Compatible with every DAW As well as Mac and PC

Every Standalone-Music presets pack (including this one) is perfect for any DAW no matter what you use.
These sounds are compatible with any DAW including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, Reason and more.


In order to use this soundset you must have GETLOW
At least 4gb RAM (8 Recommended), and 250MB of free drive space


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