The Spirit Of Psy Sample Pack WAV

The Spirit Of Psy Sample Pack WAV

The Spirit Of Psy Sample Pack WAV

‘The Spirit Of Psy’ envelops the complex sound of Psytrance. Created using Psy elements from key areas around the globe including Israel, Thailand, India, Australia and Europe this dynamic collection of transient loops, sounds, one shots and drums gives a true representation into the current worldwide phenomenon of Psytrance.

Focusing on an abundance of sonically beautiful textures, basslines, drum beats and synth lines, this concoction will energise your future Psy tracks with the slightest of ease. Crafted to offer elements rather than full compositions, ‘The Spirit Of Psy’s’ dazzling sounds allows you to express your own productions without overloading your tracks. Orbiting around your sonic conscious ‘The Spirit Of Psy’ hit’s the jackpot with 2.6GB of formidable rhythms, grooves, additions and intricate programming. So if you’re into the sound of Ace Ventura, Tristan, Avalon, Xero or Mad Maxx you should be buying this now.

This Psytrance sound pack is 100% royalty free and supplied in 24-bit Wav. Due to the producer’s programming techniques no Midi is included but the abundance of new sounds and loops makes up for it. Take your conscious to Boom, Ozora or Indian Spirit and you’ll know exactly where this pack will transform your studio to.


Drum Hits – 01 Kicks – 11
Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hats – 11
Drum Hits – 03 Snares – 09
Drum Hits – 04 Percussion – 10
Drum Hits – 05 Cymbals – 05
Drums – 06 Kick Loops – 01
Drums – 07 Snare Loops – 04
Drums – 08 Hi Hat Loops – 08
Drums – 09 Percussion Loops – 02
Loops – Arp Sequences – 17
Loops – Basslines – 20
Loops – Bonus FX Beats – 18
Loops – Drum Beats – 104
Loops – Full Mix – 20
Loops – Synth Lines – 107
Loops – Textures – 26
One Shots – SFX – 95
One Shots – Synth Hits – 71

Total Samples – 541
Total Midi – 0
Tempo – 140bpm – 144bpm
Info – Key: Yes


Demo Preview:

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