The Tommy Jayden Producer Pack V.1 MULTIFORMAT

The Tommy Jayden Producer Pack V.1 MULTIFORMAT

The Tommy Jayden Producer Pack V.1

Coming off a slew of successful singles on labels such as Spinnin’, Revealed, Hexagon, Armada, Maxximize, Future House Music, and more, Tommy Jayden is also quickly becoming one of the most in demand remixers for A-Listers; Kygo, Selena Gomez, and R3hab just to name a few. Fusing elements of Future House and Bass House, Tommy Jayden has created his own genre defying sound, dubbing it ‘Future Bass House.’

The squad got together with this ambitious young producer to develop a one of a kind Future Bass House producer pack aimed to give the producer community tools from his new school style.

The Tommy Jayden producer pack raises the bar for producer tools, coming with a ton of quality elements built from his own productions.

Tutorial: In this tutorial Tommy Jayden makes a track from start to finish in his new-school style using samples and presets you’ll get your hands on in this producer pack. One of the most striking takeaways is the speed and efficiency with which he makes his mixing and leveling decisions on the fly. This is truly an inspirational watch. The best producers always trust their gut, and we certainly trust Tommy’s. Follow along in the included project file while Tommy covers tons of ground, including how he produces his drops, creates a bassline, creates groove in the drop, and everything else that goes into polishing off a future bass house banger. Tommy Jayden proves that it’s not about having all sorts of fancy gear, but about knowing how to work with what you’ve got access to. He shows us just how far a handful of sounds and common tools can go when you know how to manipulate each element properly.

Sample Pack: This pack is stacked with quality sounds from the leading name in a brand new take on house music. With these inventive sounds, and the production tricks from the tutorial, your tracks are about to elevate to a whole new level.

Complete with bass loops, bass shots, synths shots, claps, fills, risers, impacts, misc FX, hi hats, kicks, percs, snares, and 808’s!

Serum Bank: Using these versatile patches you can recreate the demo track produced by Tommy Jayden, or use them uniquely in your own tracks. There is so much you can learn from dissecting how a guy like Tommy Jayden puts his sounds together. Armed with these sounds you’re ready to add that nasty dirty future bass house sound to your productions. Get inspired and get started!

– TJ Break Bass: Thicc rumbling break bass used in most Tommy Jayden breakdowns

– TJ Pluck: An effective ghetto pluck with all the right dirt to punch through on the dancefloor and give the listener bassface.

– TJ Preset 1: Huge dirty lead reminiscent of those gnarly showtek dancefloor smashes

– TJ SWIRL PRESET 1: Metallic ear catching arp for drops, fills, and builds.

– TJ SWIRL PRESET 2:  soft and pretty, unlike most of the nasty sounds, this provides the contrast you’ll need in your track between break and drop

– TJ Bass: Perfectly executed grittiness and BITE

– TJ Bass 2: The quintessential BOUNCY bass house drop patch

– TJ Cool Synth Bass: Squelchy arp abundant with textural nourishment

– TJ lead: Outer space vibes

– TJ Lead 2: Can be used as your entire drop lead or pitch it up to make lasers for your fills!

– TJ Synth: This one brings to to mind the raw punk energy of 2010 electro

BONUS Sylenth Presets: Tommy went the extra mile and included two of his favourite sylenth presets for us!

– TJ Drop Bass: this patch is your PLUG for filthy drop bass. maxed out distortion

– TJ Tom Bass: tonal bass pluck used as a modern solution for drop tom drums. Adding these rhythmic pushes to your drop is really what helps drive the momentum.

Project File: Dive into the Logic project file from the trailer track, complete with fully editable midi and synths. The project file is on that release-ready boss level quality, completely balanced and mixed to MAXIMUM house music fatness. Comb through, learn, and pick apart your favourite sounds.

Tutorial Run Time: 2hr 21m 23s

Some highlights from this tutorial:

1. Numerous unique tricks to spice up drops such as little reversal sounds, and EQing each element to quickly get it sitting in the correct pocket of the mix.

2. Mastering settings with Izotope Ozone5 Advanced and Fab Filter Pro L.

3. Getting the low end sounding fat quickly which builds a strong foundation and minimizes backtracking later on. This is something we strongly encourage you to pay close attention to.

4. Dialling the transition between the drop and the breakdown with a dark atmosphere by applying an extra long reverb tail on the Valhalla Room.

5. Using a stock Logic string preset playing a long one note to add tension in the breakdown.

And much much more…


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